Just Flight's British Airports scenery upgrades a number of airports and airfields across England, with highly detailed models of their real life counterparts that bring the simulation to life by adding features which are lacking from the standard Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Scenery improvements include everything from the smallest of items right up to fully detailed terminal buildings, of which quite a few have interior detailing. There's also animated objects such as interactive docking stations at the major airports, baggage trolleys and servicing vehicles which all add to the realism of a flight turnaround.

Ground markings in the parking areas are also present, adding an aspect which was clearly missing from the default Microsoft version of the airports, and helps give you an indication of the stop point and directions to approach each parking slot.


British Airports doesn't just cover the major passenger airports, but also covers a number of MOD and RAF bases such as Boscombe Down, RAF Mildenhall, Fairford and several Army facilities. There's also an impressive number of small airfields covered with their grass strip runways, tiny control "towers" and what's little more than a hut for the office building.

It's this immense level of detail which makes the British Airports scenery so worthwhile, and it's clear that many hours of research has been put in to making the models, which don't just cover the major items but also pre-fabricated buildings, hangars, parked road vehicles, airport facilities, and even the racetrack at Thruxton.


Each of the buildings are highly detailed and feature night textures with lighting effects and you get to see the insides of the terminal buildings all lit up once the sun goes down in the evening, providing for some busy looking scenes when taxiing around airports at night.

Because the real buildings have been modelled, they are also in the correct locations so the entire pack works seamlessly with Just Flight's Virtual Photographic Scenery add-on packs which have aerial photo maps of England, and because both packages are compatible they both lend themselves to providing a very realistic experience of flying aircraft over Britain.


The four volumes in the British Airports series really do add to the realism and enjoyment that you'll get from Microsoft's Flight Simulator, and the added level of detail in each of the featured airports makes the virtual flights seem much more realistic due to the sheer amount of detail which has been included.

Overall score: 8 out of 10
Publisher: Just Flight
Recommended Price: 19.99 each (four volumes available)
Available: Now
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