There's a never ending stream of games based on wars, and the World Wars seem to have seen their fair share of games based around events which happened during them - so what can D-Day offer us that we've not seen before? Unfortunately the answer is very little.


To get going you'll find yourself playing the tutorial mode, although it gets far too bogged down in attempting to teach you the basics of the gameplay and doesn't prove to be a good start to proceedings.

Scenarios themselves are thankfully more rewarding, with each split in to three sections and a number of primary and secondary objective based events - most of which revolve around getting your units from one point to another.


A good selection of vehicles are available from big powerful tanks to somewhat more reserved motorbikes and jeeps - plus of course the ability to call for air-support - and the choice of damage model seems to work effectively with tanks being immobilised in minefields but still able to operate in a shell firing ability.

Visually D-Day manages to suffice, and there's some well textured landscapes and objects including the war-torn buildings and army vehicles. However everything seems so small on screen and when the action gets frantic such as during the beach landings, it's hard to know quite what's going on - a problem hampered further by the fact that the graphics engine seems to struggle to keep up.


Developers Digital Reality worked with the Normandie Memoire association to ensure historical accuracy, and it'd seem that this is the one strong aspect to the game in the area of video testaments from veterans and genuinely educational information which is contained in the sizeable encyclopaedia - it doesn't however help the gameplay in the slightest.

D-Day could have been an excellent war simulation, especially with the inclusion of historical information from veterans, but unfortunately it fails to achieve what we were expecting and ultimately disappoints. Well worth a look if you want to find out more about D-Day or are simply a war-nut, but not quite up to the mark as far as real time strategy titles go.

Overall score: 6 out of 10
Publisher: Digital Jesters
Recommended Price: 29.99
Available: Now
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