With each new version of eJay comes a raft of new and improved features, and this have never been more so than with Dance 5, which makes use of a new chord generator, bass generator, 3D VJ jukebox, and a time and tune generator.


Don't be put off by the possibly confusing names that each of the tools have - they're all really easy to use, and helped by the bright and bold user interface with some clear easy to understand buttons, each of which have quicktips when the mouse hovers over them. With a bit of experimentation you'll soon be dropping sounds from the impressive pool of over 5,000 royalty free samples in to the 48 track sound mixer.

The impressive number samples included provides plenty of variation from a range of styles including dance, techno, trance, and rave - the only problem though is that it's hard to find the exact one that you want due to the fact that you have to manually work through each of them to hear what they sound like. You aren't just limited to the samples included with Dance 5 though, and can use tracks from your CD collection and mix them in with your creations.


Where Dance 5 is let down slightly is the small number of vocals that you get to pick out of the sample archive - there are a few, but simply not enough to be of any real use. Luckily there's the voice generator let's you create vocal based sound samples with any words that you want, but there's only so much that you can realistically do with a set of synthesised computer voices.

Once you've crafted your chart topping dance track it's in to the 3D VJ Box, where you get to create a video for your track by making use of more than 1,000 3D objects - sadly there's no "blue box" mode so you can't over-lay people dancing and other objects, but the number of items included does provide for quite a bit of variation and some of the 3D effects are very powerful.


Dance 5 is one of the best eJay titles yet, offering an easy way to create music on your PC without having to have any musical talent at all, and the ability to save files as wave (.wav) format means you can impress (or annoy) your friends with your creations for ever and a day.

Overall score: 8 out of 10
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Players: 1
Recommended Price: 29.99
Available: Now
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