Focus Multimedia recently launched several Ubi Soft Exclusive and Team 17 titles in to their Essential Budget range, with each title priced at a wallet friendly 9.99.


Worms World Party provides hours of classic worms action which you can simply never tire of, and is plenty of fun whether played on your own against the computer, against friends in up to six player games on the one PC, or even play against other wormers online for maximum wormage, via the Worms network.

World Party was mainly developed to be enjoyed online, and followed on from a long and very successful line of Worms titles, and it's the fact that your online opponents all play differently that makes the multiplayer games so enjoyable, as you're no longer playing the computer's AI, but real humans who could be on the other side of the world, who each have their very own ways of playing and are fiercely competitive.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear might not be on of the most recent titles, but it's definitely one of the most popular and well known tactical ops titles that the PC has seen, and is an excellent introduction in to the Rainbow Six series from Ubi Soft.

Rogue Spear has a huge variety of weapons at your disposal, including sniper guns, hand grenades and flashbangs, all of which can be used to get the elite Rainbow team in to the thick of the action to counter the terrorist forces.


Graphics and sound are still very respectable, even though more recent titles use advanced graphics techniques, and because Rogue Spear was first released a few years ago, it means that you'll be able to enjoy the action on even quite low spec machines.

Prince of Persia 3D is the updated version of the old side scrolling platformer which you might remember from the Atari ST and Amiga, and sees a humble servant transform in to a heroic 12th century Persian prince, who has to rescue his bride and get revenge of the Sultan.

Action takes place in full 3D, and requires a 3D accelerator on a Pentium 233mhz MMX on higher spec PC - although, if your PC can't handle that, it'd be long over due an upgrade! The challenges and adventure span seven exotic levels, and there's more than 30 types of enemy who will be happy to see your adventure brought to a quick and sticky end, and require you to be quick on the draw of your sword.

Chessmaster 6000 features a whopping 300,000 game database which allows you to play games as though you were playing Kasparov or Fischer. It's also possible to import your own games, and there's complete tutorials from a chess master to help you get to grips with how to play a game of chess against the very best players.

If you're a bit of a chess addict, then Chessmaster 6000 will be like a dream come true, as it's much more than just a game of chess, due to the Encyclopaedia of Chess Opening codes, and a Database Coach which shows you how the very best chess players have managed to win from the situation that you're in - anywhere in the game.


Added gameplay modes including the Blitz Chess provide for some frantic two or five minute matches, and games are commentated on by international chess master Josh Waitzkin. Chessmaster 6000 provides two CD's of pure gaming bliss for chess fanatics.

Other titles in the range, include Flanker 2.0 combat flight simulator, Settlers 3 real time strategy simulation, and Myst Masterpiece Edition which is Ubi Soft's classic adventure mystery title. Focus Multimedia also have a 'lite' version of the excellent 3D Game Maker, available in their budget range.

Overall a good addition to the growing PC game budget market, and with the support of Ubi Soft providing particularly impressive titles such as Rogue Spear and Myst, plus the classic Worms World Party from Team 17, you know that you'll be spending 9.99 wisely.