When a game can boast that it's based on the Robert Rodriguez's 1996 From Dusk Till Dawn novel, and has a storyline adapted by Alone in the Dark's Hubert Chardot, then you know you're going to be in for an action packed and involving game.


The game isn't fully based on the film though, and could be considered more as an adaptation, which sees the gameplay revolve around the lead character Seth Gecko, and follows him through the ship, where on the way he finds numerous un-dead characters and vampires.

Seth has 72 hours left before execution after being sentenced to death for crimes committed by his brother. To avoid his death, Seth has to free the prisoners, and also find his way out of the ship. It's not quite as simple as that though, as there's plenty of vampires and enemies set to make things tricky.

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Not everyone is against you though, and you do thankfully have some allies, including wardens, marines, priest, and mechanics. The allies can come become useful through the 20 levels of gameplay, which includes also includes exploration, discovery, computer hacking, shooting windows in addition to the shooting of the un-dead and vampires.

Graphics are good, and there's plenty of liberally splattered blood and gore - you'll either love this or hate it, but if you're no fan of gory movies then you'll probably be scared to death playing From Dusk Till Dawn on your PC, and if you quite like the odd bit of gore here and there, it'll no doubt be just the right sort of game for you to get your teeth in to.


There's also some really well placed cut-scenes to make the atmosphere and action seem more tense and involve you in the game so much more than just walking and shooting. The cut-scenes use the games real-time 3D engine, providing you with a mission brief and instructions.

Different methods of combat are required throughout, with one weapon being perfectly suited to one character or environment, but nearly to useless against another. What's more, there's a large number of weapons to choose from, and some of them are a bit different from the normal selection - ever seen a weapon that fires CD's before? There is of course the standard selection of machine guns, flame throwers, and grenade launchers too.

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There's plenty of heart-pumping action to contend with, and when you think you've got rid of all the vampires there's bound to be more lurking around the corner. However, the action seems to lack at certain points in the game, leaving you wondering what to do next. This strange lack of action seems to repeat itself through the game, and instead of it getting more and more intense, it seems to get to a point, and then suddenly step back lowering the excitement and adrenaline levels.

An enjoyable game which is easy to pick up, and full of gory moments - the varied styles of attack also make a nice change from many games where you'd normally just use the most powerful weapon on everything.

Overall score: 7 out of 10
Publisher: Acclaim
Players: 1
Recommended Price: 29.99
Available: Now
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