Where as F1 racing has got a bad name over the years for the dull boring races and lack of overtaking, Indy Car is a totally different matter, and sees cars racing it out on simple oval tracks at top speeds which most Formula 1 drivers would be scared of.


The oval tracks might make the sport sound like it's going to be far too simple - turning left all of the time hardly sounds difficult, but when you consider it's happening at about 200mph, and just a matter of inches away from a very hard brick wall, then the skill of the drivers really does become obvious.

Each track has it's own features and novel peculiarities, whether it be the simple length of each lap, the degree of banking on corners, and even how tight some of the corners are compare with others, with just a few degrees angle meaning the difference between racing line and disaster.


There's some spectacular crashes when you get shunted from behind and spun around, or simply mis-judge your line and clip the wall - if you're lucky it's possible to recover and continue with maybe a visit to the pits, but more than likely you'll find the rest of the pack thud in to your wreckage within seconds due to the speed that they're travelling at.

Unfortunately it feels as though IndyCar Series is lacking in some of the pizzazz and thrill which the real races appear to have, and could have done with taking a few more pointers from American TV coverage to really give the feel of being there.


IndyCar Series is a good racer which offers a lot of in-depth simulation style racing, but the harsh learning curve may see most gamers finding the wall more often than the finish line - arcade style racer this certainly is not.

Fortunately though once mastered, IndyCar Series provides plenty of high-octane racing around some extremely fast circuits, and the close nature of the sport means there's plenty of overtaking possibilities, which require every bit of concentration to prevent you getting nudged in to the walls.

Overall score: 6 out of 10
Publisher: Codemasters
Recommended Price: 29.99
Available: Now
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