Laser Squad Nemesis might be a title that you've already heard of, and that's because it's been in existence since 2002 with a fairly large following amongst gamers who were in the know, and it's now been published as a retail packaged version by Just Play.


Created by the same developers as X-com, Laser Squad Nemesis offers everything which used to be great about strategy games of the early 90's, fused with play by email. This multiplayer approach lets you compete against friends from around the world, or maybe someone who's just across the office.

As with most strategy games there's a choice of race, including Laser Marines, Machina and Spawn - each of which have their own special abilities and weaknesses. It's your task to plan each move out using your troops, and then submit the orders via email to Laser Sqaud Nemesis' servers, and in return get the competing players moves emailed back in the form of a small attachment. It's also possible to take part in tournaments and leagues, which puts a totally new and highly addictive spin on the gameplay.


The turn based email system works well, but does have a few pitfalls which might annoy gamers who want something a bit more instant, or aren't used to this style of play and expect to see it all happening in real-time, and for longer than 10 seconds per turn. It does however allow thinking time for some well though out tactics to be used.

It's quite surprising how well a game such as Laser Squad Nemesis works when compared with more modern titles which would use fully 3D environments and advanced lighting effects, and proves that it's the gameplay which really matters. There's a few aspects to the game which feel slightly dated, such as the isometric graphics, fairly simplistic animations and sounds - but maybe that's all part of the charm of it though.


Laser Squad Nemesis is the sort of game that you'll either love or hate, and if you were a fan of X-Com then there's no doubt you'll find it really great, especially when you consider there's three months subscription thrown in for free, making LSN's 12.99 retail price an absolute bargain.

Overall score: 7 out of 10
Publisher: Just Play
Recommended Price: 12.99
Available: Now
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