Normally a short sixteen mile railway in the West Midlands might not sound like it'd make for a very good route which you'd want to drive many times, and for that matter probably wouldn't sound very good value for money either. Luckily though this is the world famous Severn Valley Railway, where shortness of route really doesn't seem to matter.


The route between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth may only be 16 miles long, and have a top speed of only 25mph, but it features some stunning scenery, of which has all been completely custom built specifically for the route, with photoreal buildings made up from 17,000 photos which the developers took during visits to the route.

An impressive number of locomotives and rollingstock are included, such as several steam engines including a Black 5, GWR Pannier Tank, BR 8F, a Western Ranger diesel loco and a Shunter. Each of them are put to good use in the 22 included activities which range from simply moving coaches in to a siding, to shunting a yard and running the Santa Special's.


The broad range of activities give you a feel for what the Severn Valley Railway must be like during the whole year, from boiling hot summers days with plenty of tourists, to the slightly quieter times on cold winters evenings. Some of the activities also require you to refuel your engine, which is often forgotten in activities and provides that extra touch of realism to the feel of being there driving the train for yourself.

Only recently we reviewed the London to Brighton route for Train Simulator and felt that it set the bar at which Microsoft should be aiming for their Train Simulator 2 routes, and the same has to go for the Severn Valley Route which by far exceeds anything that we've ever seen before, and really does set the standard for other routes to follow.


The Severn Valley Railway add-on route is reason enough to have Microsoft's Train Simulator in your collection, and has enough in it to be enjoyed by gamers who possibly wouldn't usually consider the Train Sim genre, whilst having plenty of varied and enjoyable activities to give rail fans a real treat.

Overall score: 9 out of 10
Publisher: Just Trains
Recommended Price: 24.99
Available: Now
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