The Cardassians call it Terok Nor. The Federation call it Deep Space Nine - PAN Interactive's latest title features this deep space station that guards the strategic wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant where the Dominion and their Jem'Hadar warriors wait, building their forces to strike, to control and to conquer.


Dominion forces pour through the wormhole to their Cardassian allies to the shock and horror of the other Alpha Quadrant powers. Their goal is to establish a Dominion foothold in the Alpha Quadrant where Jem'Hadar ships can be built. From there to conquer the entire quadrant, the only thing standing in the way of this goal is the Federation Alliance.

After the swift installation procedure with awesome background graphics and watching the introduction clips before the game menu, the star trek fans will recognise likewise ships from the TV series of Deep Space Nine giving the feel of being in the Star Trek reality

screen screen

Players who are unfamiliar to the scenario can easily grasp this game. Provided are narrated online tutorials and narrated mission briefings. First of all you choose a mission from the alliance you wish to command, or you may create your own. Select your fleet of ships, their captains, additional crew and extra devices with a predefined set of credits. The devices range from extra defensive shielding and weaponry to scanners. Trek fans will recognise the resemblance of the interface used in the actual shows.

Once you launch your fleet, you are presented with a fleet interface panel where you can control all of your ships. Everything from scanning, operating personnel transporters, activating shields, weapons and selecting tactics reside on this panel.


Each command you select is acknowledged by a computer voice confirming your choice of action. The 3D graphics and sound give a realistic view of all the action. The game play has detailed explosions, individualised weapons effects, large scale spatial anomalies - and even animated phaser rings on all Star Fleet ships, just like the show. You also get a choice to view the action from either the traditional isometric strategic view, or a breathtaking and fully cinematic animated view.

Each mission is designed with multiple objectives - this means that you find yourself challenged to devise tactics for victory, and at the end of each mission, captains under your command gain an amount of experience based upon their performance in battle. Captains who are very active, engaging in combat, fighting boarding party actions or rescuing stranded freighters will gain more experience than those who do nothing. Your commanding officer may recommend one or more of your captains for special promotion or commendations. A promoted captain can then command a larger class of star ship.

screen screen

Credits earned on the basis of mission completion allow you to purchase additional ships, captains, devices and crewmembers for forthcoming missions. The primary objective must be passed to pass the mission. If further objectives are completed, more credits are earned, based on the difficulty level.

Once you feel you're good enough to compete with other Dominion Wars players, you can take advantage of the internet play mode, which is included on the CD in the form of GameSpy Arcade software, and allows you to play Dominion Wars over the GameSpy network.

Star Trek Dominion Wars will definitely appeal to Star Trek fans and strategy game lovers - there are lots of missions and tactical strategies that will keep the players busy for a long time, and the amazingly detailed graphics add an extra edge to the game which makes it an all round pleasing title, Star Trek fan or not.

Overall score: 9 out of 10
Publisher: PAN Interactive
Players: 1 to 8 (LAN or Internet using the GameSpy network)
Recommended Price: 29.99
Available: July 6th 2001