Worms Blast is the latest in a long line of Worms games, although Team 17 appear to have left abandoned their roots and moved the well established Worms name in to a puzzle-em-up style of game.


As soon as you start playing Worms Blast, you'll see the typical high quality throughout - as we've come to expect from games in the Worms series. Nice cartoony graphics and well designed menu screens at every turn, along with a "fun" backing music which isn't the typical annoying frantic puzzle music that you'd usually find in a title like this.

However the similarities with previous worms titles appears to end at the name and quality graphics, because the actual gameplay is nothing like you've ever seen in a worms title - this time you're in control of a single worm, in a dinghy, bobbing about on water.

screen screen

Control of your worm isn't particularly easy - you move the dinghy from left to right across your part of the screen, bobbing up and down in the waves, and have to push up and down to aim the gun at the bubbles that you want to shoot.

The dinghy movement is OK, but as it's floating on water, you'll find that stopping in the place where you want becomes harder, and when you're rushing about to burst bubbles, this can become tricky, and somewhat annoying.

This difficulty of control, added to the fact that you have an ever diminishing health bar due to objects falling on you, means that the overall difficulty of Worms Blast is much tougher than it really should be - it's almost as if Team 17 wanted the game to be difficult, which normally we'd appreciate as it'd mean you'd keep trying, but in this case, it just makes you feel like the difficulty is so hard that you need not bother playing any further.


Unfortunately the best bits of Worms seem to have been left behind, and aspects that made Worms special for so many gamers is simply missing from the gameplay that you have in Worms Blast - surely what made worms different from other games was the comical things they said after they'd been bazookered, or you'd set a skunk loose across the landscape to stink out the area where they were trying to stay out of your firing line, or any of the other manic "weapons" that were at your disposal.

Worms Blast might feature gameplay based around some of the best puzzle games (Bust-a-Move and Super Bubble Pop), but it simply looses everything that Worms games have become so well known for. Let's hope the next Worms title returns to the classic gameplay that we all know and love the game for.

Overall score: 5 out of 10
Publisher: Ubi Soft
Players: 2
Recommended Price: 29.99 PlayStation 2, 19.99 PC
Available: Now
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