Set in the future, Gungriffon Blaze takes you into the action of war, the third world war - USA and AFTA have stationed forces in Europe and Asia, and you get to play as the Western Alliance, in their elite combat unit - practically indistructable robotic AWG soldiers.


From the outset the game is great fun, and is very fast paced, revolving around search and destroy style missions. All together there are five maps plus a training ground to play on, and unfortunately this doesn't last very long - it would have been nice if there were more scenarios to battle against the enemy, and as it is, the ones that you get don't seem to have any connection between them other than simply being locations for battle.

Luckily there's no need for tactics and planning - the idea is simply to blast everything which gets in your way, and simply eliminate the opposition. Because of this, the learning curve to the game is very good, and it's one of those games which you can simply pick up and play - you don't need to spend a few hours reading the manual first and trying to work out the best strategy, and this is a huge plus point to the game.

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Controls are easy to use, and well thought out, you also get a choice of control maps to choose from depending on your prefered style of play.

One fault with the game would be that there is no radar - instead you have a meter which increases when you get enemies nearby, but this doesn't seem half as useful as a normal radar could have been.

Graphics are good, but maybe not as impressive as they could have been when you consider just what is possible on the PlayStation 2 - However, the things that matter are all there, including some really hefty explosions which send sparks flying everywhere.

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The robots themselves are a cross between what would be real-life counterparts, with a touch of anime in them. When you shoot a missile and it misses, you get dust thrown up from the ground, and smoke, and all of this whilst there are other robots on screen, with explosions, and all at a decent framerate which never appears to slow down.

Gungriffon Blaze is a fast action packed game, with good explosions, but the limited number of maps to play on does mean that the lastability is somewhat reduced.

Still a great mech style game though, and one which fans of Mech Warrior will find hard to put down, simply because it's full of good graphics and mindless robot blasting action.

Overall score: 8 out of 10
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Players: 1
Recommended Price: 44.99
Available: Now
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