Truck racing - conjures up a view of overweight drivers trying to pass each other doing 56mph up-hill in their hurry to the next services on the M1, doesn't it? Luckily Jester Interactive's title is nothing like that at all, and the fact that these trucks can out perform your average racing car makes the prospect of truck racing all the more impressive.


As the game is based on the official Super Trucks licence, you get to race on seven accurately recreated international circuits, in trucks manufactured by the likes of Daf, CAT, MAN and Mercedes - all of which feature highly detailed bodywork, which makes use of Jester's "Truck Damage System" to inflict the dents and crumples in to your truck as you progress through the race, making for some pretty spectacular replays.

Gameplay modes are available in the form of arcade, time trial, single, and championship modes, along with two player action. T further you progress you get to unlock other modes including "last man standing", more courses to race on, and a selection of other trucks and drivers.

screen screen

Graphics are near perfect, with good effects on the trucks, and no pop-up that we could see. However there appears to be quite an annoying problem with the shadows, which sees them flickering on and off as you race along, proving not just distracting, but also quite annoying.

Handling of the trucks could probably be best described as a brick on wheels - it's probably spot on, and having never raced several tons of steel around a race track in real life, it's hard to say that it's wrong, but it appears that none of the trucks actually want to go in a straight line, constantly veering off to the side of the track, meaning that you're not only fighting for positions with the other competitors, but also fighting to keep your truck on the track.


Super Trucks is an impressive attempt at recreating what turns out to be more fun than your average F1 race could ever really hope to be (simply because it's far from a boring procession of the same old cars leading from start to finish), and by giving you a good selection of trucks and tracks which to race on, along with settings to change, including suspension damping, ride height, traction control, and brake bias, you should find that even the biggest petrol (or should that be diesel) head will be happy for quite some time.

Only really let down by the fact that trucks handle like a brick, and the shadows cast by your truck seem to occasionally flicker on and off, spoiling the otherwise perfect graphics and feel for the game. If you're prepared to get to grips with the handling, and like the idea of truck racing, then Super Trucks is probably as good as you'll get, and it easily beats the likes of 18 Wheeler in terms of gameplay.

Overall score: 6 out of 10
Publisher: Jester Interactive
Players: 1 or 2
Recommended Price: 34.99
Available: Now
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