Football's loved by the masses, and hated by almost as many, but at this time of year with the World Cup taking place, there's no escaping it. For those who just can't get enough, you've got Championship Manager, which allows you to be the football version of big brother and control your chosen team through the leagues in an attempt to win matches, and gain promotion to higher leagues, or lift the trophy for winning tournaments.


Championship Manager has always proven popular over the years, and it's Xbox incarnation sees the series make a bold step from PC to console, bringing all of the somewhat anorak stats and sleepless nights with it.

We've played this game for hours and hours now, until our metatarsals almost started to ache, and still it seems there's more options and settings, features and areas to be discovered, in what must be the most complete football management title you'll ever set eyes on.

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However, all these settings and management choices does have one slight downside, and that's the fact that you're faced with endless screens of text, each of which are very stat heavy - ideal for football fans that know football inside out, but maybe a bit of a shock to the more average punter who just likes to watch the odd game now and then, and cheer their chosen team on.

Control might seem a bit of a problem seeing as the Xbox lacks a mouse and keyboard, but clever use of the control pad has allowed for both mouse like movements of the pointer, and also a "jump" style movement, which moves the pointer directly on to a button/link as soon as you press the direction. Text inputs are made via the onscreen keyboard, and are about the only thing which slow down the game in comparison with on the PC.


Another great aspect of the Xbox version is that you don't have to sit around whilst the game installs, so unlike the PC, you can just drop the game disc in the drive, and get playing, and before you worry that you'll need a blank memory card to store your game data on, don't worry, as your Xbox's hard drive comes to the rescue again providing ample space to save your progress - why can't every console have a hard drive?!

Fans of the series will lap up this game, but if your a Championship Manager addict then surely you'll have already bought the game for the PC - either way, it's the best football manager that's available, and the translation from PC to console has worked very well, providing all the features that any budding manager could ever wish for - except maybe there's a little bit too much text and mind boggling stats for our liking.

Overall score: 7 out of 10
Publisher: Eidos/Sports Interactive
Players: 1
Recommended Price: 44.99
Available: Now
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